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jue1 is a brand that attaches great importance to the expression of concepts,
Manufacturing concepts and influencing concepts are the core of running a brand, and products are the expression and extension of this concept.
We are constantly trying to create products with innovative concept.
By creating unforgettable life moments for consumers, we convey the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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Brand Concept

Focusing on the study of mixed materials, starting from fair-faced concrete to create a new interactive visual decoration industry chain integrating individuality, design, and customization, providing users with comprehensive solutions for personalized customization needs.


We continue to explore products—concept supplies, art merchandise, creative products. At present, the concrete series products mainly include: concrete lamps, concrete furniture, concrete trays, concrete candles, concrete ashtrays, concrete tissue boxes, concrete clocks, concrete office supplies, concrete concrete wall tiles (wall decoration), concrete home decorations, etc. jue1 integrates product development, design, production, promotion and sales, and is affiliated to Beijing Yugou Decorative Concrete Division.






High-end Brands of Beijing Yugou (group) Co., Ltd.

Faced Concrete

Fair faced concrete was produced in the 1930s. With the wide application of concrete in the field of building construction, architects gradually shifted their attention from concrete as a structural material to the texture of the material itself, and began to use the inherent decorative characteristics of concrete to express the emotion transmitted by the building.In recent years, the number of fair faced concrete buildings has increased rapidly. Moreover, the discussion on the material characteristics of fair faced concrete has gradually gone beyond the scope of building materials and entered the field of art and culture.Fair faced concrete is a green concrete worthy of its name: the concrete structure does not need decoration, and chemical products such as coatings and finishes are omitted; Moreover, it is formed at one time without chiseling, repairing and plastering, which reduces a large amount of construction waste and is conducive to environmental protection.



In the past thousands of years, "retaining eternity" has always been the spatial attribute to be constructed by human physical and spiritual environments. The ancient Romans mixed lime, sand, gravel, horsehair and animal blood to become raw concrete, building the space where gods and people lived. At the beginning of the 18th century, "cement" in the modern sense was born, which gave birth to many buildings with modern functions such as libraries, exhibition halls, tunnels, bridges, etc. "Hardness and immortality" has always been the collective feeling pursued by the human world.

Art has the role of a medium, reminding us through art: when we look outward, don't forget to introspect, in order to re-make up social cracks and cultural fault.

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The reorganization of cognitive fragments and the progress of the future are the separation, integration and complementarity of civilization and matter, ​and the imperceptible "grey light" between light and darkness when the sun rises and sets.

This light must be captured by art, through symbols and techniques, to express our thinking and responsibility.


The coldness of concrete is also the coldness of modern people. The hard texture is also the reflection of softness. It is the main material for human beings to enclose themselves (including space and mind). Modernity and universality coexist.

Once soft, forced to shape in society, have a grudge against the present, social identity is labelled, a single individual is given multiple roles, easy to split... The restoration of these scenes is exactly the process that modern people are going through , the state they are most familiar with and accustomed to, but certainly not the most desired state.


The times are made by us, we will stare at the times and write down the future stroke by stroke.

Who can represent us and set the focus for the times?

Time is constantly measuring our growth. The lighthouse of the future allows us to see the bright light more clearly, but we are more looking forward to crossing the light and walking non-stop. Wake up, Future wake.