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High quality creative color customizable cement aromatherapists concrete diffuser for home decor

Short Description:

Basic parameters:
Size: 151×65×150mm
Material: Concrete, metal base plate
Color: Orange/Pink/Dark

Product Detail

Product Tags

Extract cat paw elements for design to add interest to life. Not every day is beautiful, but every day
There is a little beauty waiting for you. Visual and tactile sensations to trigger and extend ideas about olfactory perception

The thickness of the base is equivalent to the thickness of two one-yuan coins, and the metal base extension design is full of materials.
The main body of the cat’s paw and the book are supported in a triangle, which adds a touch of fun while ensuring stability.
Multiple screws are pre-embedded and installed, which makes the main body of the book stand and the base tightly combined and more stable.
This series offers cat’s paw aromatherapy and cat’s paw book stand.
This book stand can remind you to set aside some time for reading every day. Buying a book is not the same as reading a book.
The handmade cement tile originated in the 18th century. Unlike ordinary fired bricks, it is made by pressing, so the colored cement is very wear-resistant after setting. The longer the time is, the smoother the surface will be, and it will not let people slip.
The source of inspiration for the product is an accidental daily desktop arrangement by the designer. Because of wanting to break through the traditional form of using books in pairs, the designer used cute cat claws to set a “stop” for book storage. Whether your book is placed upright or inclined, you can find a secure resting point.

Beijing Yugou (Group) Co., Ltd. is an integrated construction industry
group with “prefabricated architectural design–engineering
construction–PC manufacturing” as the core industry chain. The factory
covers a total area of 350000 square meters. It has a leading professional
material research laboratory and product R & D center in China. It has more than 100 people of concrete professional technology R & D team. It can independently develop and produce high-strength concrete, fiber concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, heavy aggregate concrete, etc.
ERP network management is realized in the concrete production process, which can be used for reference Solve the problems of design matching, decoration matching, mold processing, structure matching and construction matching at one time, and realize the one-stop service of
concrete decoration customization. It can provide all kinds of high-quality molds and templates, and make all kinds of decorative concrete facing, furniture, ornaments, etc., which comply with the code for acceptance of architectural decoration engineering quality (GB50210). It has 3 invention patents, 6 practical patents, more than 20proprietary technologies, and 5 award-winning scientific and 2 / 4 technological achievements. Over the years, through cooperation with domestic and foreign design institutes and owners, we have accumulated rich experience in the design and construction of decorative concrete projects, The decorative concrete division was established in March 2018, which can customize the in-depth design of decorative concrete products and other non-standard components for architectural design units, design studios, cultural and creative enterprises, independent designers and
contemporary artists according to customer orders. Concrete Cat’s Claw Aroma Diffuser Concrete Aromatherapy Concrete Decoration.

Concrete Cat’s Claw Aroma Diffuser Concrete Aroma Diffuser Concrete Ornament, Concrete Luxury Aroma Diffuser, Cement Minimalist Ornament, Chic Cat’s Claw Diffuser .

Item Dimension 15×6.5x15cm
Item Weight 1.3kg
Colors Dark, pink, orange
Main Material Concrete
Packing Individually neutral packaging
Application desktop , hotel , restaurant , office
OEM/ODM Available
Certification tu (1) tu (2) tu (3) tu (4) tu (5)
Key Words concrete office Bookend
Decorative Bookend

UYTR (1) UYTR (2) UYTR (3)
UYTR (4) UYTR (5) UYTR (6) UYTR (7)

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