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New Gongti Appears! The fair-faced concrete stand of Yugou Group helps build Beijing’s first international standard football field

On the evening of April 15, 2023, the “Hello, Xingongti!” event and the opening match between Beijing Guoan and Meizhou Hakka in the 2023 Chinese Super League kicked off at Beijing Workers Stadium. After more than two years of renovation and reconstruction, the New Beijing Workers Stadium has officially returned as the “first in Beijing and the first batch of domestic” international standard professional football stadiums!

Beijing Yugo Group, as the participating unit of the prefabricated stand project for the reconstruction and restoration of the public body, jointly with its Beijing Prefabricated Architectural Engineering Research Institute, Beijing Yugo Co., Ltd., and Beijing Yugo Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. -The integrated service of “assembly and construction” helps the 63-year-old Gongti transform into a gorgeous one!


The prefabricated fair-faced concrete stand system of Xingongti continues the technical system of Yugou Group in key projects such as the National Stadium and the National Speed Skating Stadium, and optimizes and upgrades technology and products according to the requirements and characteristics of the reconstruction of the Workers Stadium , with the concept of “new technology, new construction”, in response to the planning theme of “traditional appearance, modern venues” of Xingongti.


A Beijing Workers’ Stadium, half of the sports history of New China. As an important venue for the National Games, Asian Games, Universiade, and Olympic Games, Gongti has witnessed many glorious moments in the history of Chinese sports, and has also grown up with generations of people. After the transformation, the rejuvenated Beijing Workers Stadium will become a city landmark, a cultural and sports business card, and a vitality center of the capital Beijing, returning to public life with a new look.


Post time: May-31-2023