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Shijingshan Gaojing is planning to hoist the bridge all the way! Beijing Yugou Group helps the construction of the Winter Olympics road

At present, the supporting roads around the Winter Olympics venues in Shijingshan District, Beijing are in full swing. As a major urban trunk road under construction, Gaojing Planning 1 Road is a key channel to serve the Winter Olympics, open up the trunk arteries, and achieve quick connections.
Gaojing Planning Road starts from Fushi Road in the south, the main road is connected with the Fushi Road viaduct, passes through the Yongding River aqueduct in the north, and the planned Hetan Road, and finally joins Shimen Road in the Wulituo area, with a total length of about 2 kilometers.
After completion, it will connect the Shijingshan Wuli Plate with Mentougou District and the main urban area of Beijing. In the future, Gaojing plans to go all the way to Fushi Road without needing to pile up Shimen Road, which means that the travel time from the plate to Jin’an Bridge will be shortened from 27 minutes to 6 minutes. Convenient travel experience.
At present, Gaojing Planning Road has entered the stage of bridge hoisting, and all parties involved in the construction are racing against time to ensure that the road opens to traffic on schedule.

Beijing Yugou Group is the supplier of the prestressed bridge sub-project of the Gaojing Planning Road Project, responsible for the production of 40m box-type prestressed beams, 35m box-type prestressed beams, 35mT-type prestressed beams, and 30mT-type prestressed beams. The bridges used in this project basically cover all types of municipal bridges on the market, and it only takes 40 days from implementation to hoisting.

Beijing Yugou Group takes the customer first as its responsibility, and organizes its Beijing factory and Gu’an factory to allocate resources for implementation at the same time, and complete the customer’s entrustment with high quality and efficiency. At present, the project has entered the final bridge hoisting stage.

Post time: May-24-2022