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OEM ODM Natural Cement Concrete Storage Coffee Table Fruit Cement Storage Tray Classic Design Deep Customize Logo

Short Description:

With the natural shape of the rock, the humanistic considerations endowed with the disk and the ingenuity beyond the reach of machinery are expressed with poetic imagery, allowing the light of nature to shine into our lives.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Design specification

With the natural shape of the rock, the humanistic considerations endowed with the disk and the ingenuity beyond the reach of machinery are expressed with poetic imagery, allowing the light of nature to shine into our lives.
In the process of designing products, we have always adhered to the design aesthetics of using simplicity to overcome complexity. The simpler things are, the better, and we must return to the essence.

Product features

1. Concrete tray: made of concrete as raw material.
2. Uses: for home decoration, cutlery trays, fruit trays, item placement trays.
3. Color: Various colors can be customized.
4. Customization: can be customized, support ODM OEM.

Company Profile

Beijing Yugou (Group) Co., Ltd. is an integrated construction industry group with “fabricated building design-engineering construction-PC manufacturing” as its core industrial chain. Founded in 1980, the company has more than 1,000 employees, covers an area of ​​350,000 square meters, and has a construction area of ​​30.000 square meters. The registered capital of the enterprise is 150 million yuan. It has the country’s leading professional material research laboratory and product research and development center, and a professional and technical research and development team of more than 100 people. It can independently develop and produce high-strength concrete, fiber concrete, light aggregate concrete, heavy aggregate concrete, etc., concrete production The process realizes erp network management, which can solve the problems of design matching, decoration matching, mold processing, structural matching, construction matching and other problems at one time, and realize one-stop service for concrete product customization. The company has 150 sets of concrete production equipment and various large-scale lifting and transportation equipment, which can achieve an annual production capacity of more than 1 million cubic meters of concrete. Concrete products are widely used in industrial and civil construction engineering, municipal highway engineering, railway engineering, water conservancy engineering, home decoration and other special engineering fields. At the same time, we can provide a variety of high-quality molds and templates to make various decorative concrete finishes, furniture, ornaments, etc., in line with GB50210 “Quality Acceptance Specification for Building Decoration Engineering”, with 3 invention patents, 6 practical patents, appearance More than 100 design patents, more than 20 proprietary technologies, and 5 award-winning scientific and technological achievements.
After years of cooperation with domestic and foreign design institutes and owners, we have accumulated rich experience in engineering design and construction, and established the Decorative Concrete Division in March 2018. At present, our company can customize the in-depth design and production of decorative concrete products and other non-standard components for architectural design units, wholesalers, retailers, cultural and creative enterprises, independent designers, contemporary artists, etc. according to customer orders.

The company has established a sound quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system. The company has now established a Beijing Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, which is responsible for the experimental research, design and development of enterprise precast concrete, ready mixed concrete and decorative concrete. We carry out extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign research, design and construction enterprises, and have a number of patented technologies and proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights. A large number of high-quality precast concrete projects represented by the “National Stadium (Bird’s Nest)”, 1.the “National Speed Skating Oval (ice ribbon)” and the “Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre” have been completed successively; And a large number of high-quality ready mixed concrete projects represented by “Beijing South Railway Station”, “Beijing Subway” and “Municipal Highway Bridge”.



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